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Exclusive Deals & Free PMS With Toyota's August 2021 Offers

Explore the newest Toyota trucks, cars, SUVs, hybrids, and m

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Exclusive Deals & Free PMS With Toyota's August 2021 Offers

Exclusive Deals & Free PMS With Toyota's August 2021 Offers

Toyota offers packages and perks exclusively this month

All-in Packages and Savings for your Favorite Toyota

The past 500 days proved a lot about the Filipinos’ resiliency, creativity and most of all, perseverance to succeed in spite of all the challenges. From our communities that help each other to the golden dreams at world sporting events, rewards await those who Go Above and Beyond. Everyone who worked hard for their success deserve to move further in life and take advantage of the mobility Toyota offers with deals and perks, exclusively this August.  

Level up your drive with the country’s best-selling sedan. The Toyota Vios can be yours for PHP7,212 per month for the 1.3 J MT variant, PHP112,950 for 1.3 XE CVT (3AB). Customers may even save up to PHP60,000 for outright cash transactions for select models. It comes with a 5-year warranty for select variants, covering 5 years or 150,000 km, whichever comes first. 

Whether a start-up family or start-up business, you can always enjoy easy driving with the Toyota Wigo. Own it for PHP5,970 per month for the 1.0 E MT or for an all-in package of P85,200 for the 1.0 E MT variant which includes Free Insurance for the first year and Free 3-year LTO registration. Easy own, easy go.

Share in the new stories of success with the new Toyota Innova, which you can drive home for PHP12,372 per month for the 2.8 J Diesel MT or get with an all-in package of PHP192,750 for the 2.8 E Diesel MT. You can even enjoy up to PHP45,000 in savings for select models via the outright cash transactions. 

Free Periodic Maintenance Service and why you should take it

You can never go wrong going above and beyond taking care of your Toyota. That is why buyers can enjoy Free Periodic Maintenance Service for the participating variants of the Vios, Corolla Altis, Rush, Innova, Fortuner, Hilux and Hiace. Terms and conditions apply. 

It’s best remembered that having your vehicles checked and maintained regularly helps keep it in top shape, even when you’re not using it. Today’s traffic conditions can cause the engine unwanted stress and with the recent developments of fuel having components that attract moisture and contamination, it helps to have a regular oil check. Overall, it is a great way to reduce costly, unplanned maintenance. Toyota experts recommend booking and availing services on a calendar schedule for simpler tracking and monitoring rather than basing it on mileage. 

More Protection and Savings

Brand new Toyota purchases also come with Free 1 year insurance for select models for all transactions. This includes 24/7 personal accident insurance, passenger auto personal accident insurance, 3-year Compulsory Third Party Liability Car Insurance (CPTL) and emergency roadside assistance. On top of these offers, customers looking to trade-in their old vehicle for a Toyota can get up to P40,000 rebate which can be used to purchase accessories or availed with other existing offers. 
To learn more about the rewards of going above and beyond, check out toyota.com.ph/promos/aboveandbeyond. For more information on any Toyota model, our vehicles can be viewed at toyota.com.ph/showroom.