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Advisory on Daihatsu Procedural Irregularity | Toyota Motor Philippine

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Advisory on Daihatsu Procedural Irregularity

January 4, 2024

After the Daihatsu Motor Co.,Ltd. (Daihatsu) announcement of their certification procedure irregularity on April 28, 2023 an independent Third-Party Committee was established and has since been thoroughly investigating this issue.

Last December 20, 2023 in Japan, Daihatsu received the results of the Third-Party Committee investigation and thereafter reported these investigation results, along with the investigation timeline, to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan. Thereafter, the Third-Party Committee and Daihatsu/ Toyota held separate press conferences.

The investigation covered a total of 64 models of vehicles currently being produced and developed. The models included Daihatsu brand vehicles, and models developed or supplied for the Toyota brand.

On December 20, 2023 all shipments that were associated with Daihatsu development processes were suspended, however, on understanding the details that these are related to certification irregularities, and on discussions with local authorities, only shipment of vehicles that necessitate some extension or validation of certification were discontinued. As for Philippines domestic sales, none of the models are affected.

Toyota Motor Philippines would therefore like to assure our customers and concerned parties who are currently using our vehicles by sharing our current understanding of the situation regarding this matter.

<Result of investigation in relation to the Philippines Market>
Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) was notified that there is NO case of certification irregularity for vehicles being sold in Philippines.

Type of procedural irregularity Number of confirmed cases Model
Improper modification and adjustment 0 case -
Misstatement 0 case -


<Treatment of Vehicles already sold in Philippines>
Despite of global announcement, there is no case related to Philippines’s market. So, there is no need for customers to take any action, and they can continue to use the vehicles as normal, based on the following confirmation elements:

  1. Daihatsu has conducted in-house technical examinations and testing using actual vehicles to check if there are any safety performance or environmental performance issues with the vehicles for which these irregularities were discovered. These examinations and tests confirmed that the vehicles met the standards set by regulations, and it does not appear necessary to stop use of the affected vehicles.
  2. The validity of the processes used in these examinations and tests, and their results, have been confirmed by TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd. (TÜV), a third-party certification organization.
  3. The Third-Party Independent Committee did not identify any unachieved performance standard.

Once again, we would like to sincerely apologize to our customers and all related stakeholders for the inconvenience and concerns that this irregularity has caused.